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Bunker+ ist ein organismisches Institut für Eindrücke und Ausdruck, situiert im ehemaligen Labor für Tierversuche Mäusebunker in Berlin, Deutschland.

Die Absicht des Instituts ist nicht bloss das blosse Beherbergen, sondern vielmehr das miteinander Verknüpfen der einzelnen AnwenderInnen. Ähnlich TeilnehmerInnen eines gemeinsamen Spiels, eines Orchesters, sich umeinander schlingend in ewiger Rückkopplung gegenseitiger Konsequenzen.

Bunker+ ist ein Ort der Öffentlichkeit, der Debatte und der Suche nach Ausdruck und dementsprechen finanziell unabhängig, getragen durch öffentliche und private SpenderInnen.


Bunker+ is an organismic institute of impressions and expressions, located in the former animal laboratory Mäusebunker in Berlin, Germany.

It aims not merely to host but more to interconnect its users, alike participants in a common game or orchestra, being looped in the eternal feedback of mutual consequences.

Bunker+ is a public space, a space for debate, searching for expression and therefore financially independent, cross-funded trough public and private donors.


Besuche uns mit Deinem Computer.

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Contributor: Silke Winter
Title: Performative Spaces

Country: Germany
Media: email, references

B+: [...] You mentioning a performative room, we immediately thought of the Blur Pavillion by Diller Scofidio + Renfro at the Swiss Expo in Yverdon in 2002. It is related to vision and the lack of it – like the making visible of air/wind, that you point out as an ambition of yours. 

Quoting from their website:
"Contrary to immersive environments that strive for visual fidelity in high-definition with ever-greater technical virtuosity, Blur is decidedly low-definition. In this exposition pavilion there is nothing to see but our dependence on vision itself. It is an experiment in de-emphasis on an environmental scale. Movement within is unregulated."

On another note, something that also might interest you, we would like to share with you the kinetic sculptures called Strandbeest by Dutch artists Theo Jansen, who builds wind-driven structures, which strongly generate a notion of empathy through the naturality they move and behave – almost as they were living beings.

Bunker+ would support you engaging in the quest of working on performative spaces or sculptures that are dealing with the making visible of something nondescript. What do you think about the above mentioned thoughts of ours?

We further want to ask you more specifically what spatial specifications you are looking for. Is it even possible or necessary for you to work or to exhibit outside – let's say on the roof?

(translated from German.)


Contributor: Silke Winter
Title: Performative Spaces

Country: Germany
Media: email

SW: I am Silke coming from Hamburg. I am a creator of performative sculptures,
made with different materials as wood or metal
but always working with this idea of as found objects.
My ambitious is to express these different conditions of an invisible phenomenon
which is wind/air and to expressed it throw my created entity.
Basically, all of these structures create a whole that can be seen as a perforative room,
I am wondering sometimes whether I am more an architect than an artist haha…

(translated from German.)

Ongoing projects and research by Silke Winter.