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Bunker+ ist ein organismisches Institut für Eindrücke und Ausdruck, situiert im ehemaligen Labor für Tierversuche Mäusebunker in Berlin, Deutschland.

Die Absicht des Instituts ist nicht bloss das blosse Beherbergen, sondern vielmehr das miteinander Verknüpfen der einzelnen AnwenderInnen. Ähnlich TeilnehmerInnen eines gemeinsamen Spiels, eines Orchesters, sich umeinander schlingend in ewiger Rückkopplung gegenseitiger Konsequenzen.

Bunker+ ist ein Ort der Öffentlichkeit, der Debatte und der Suche nach Ausdruck und dementsprechen finanziell unabhängig, getragen durch öffentliche und private SpenderInnen.


Bunker+ is an organismic institute of impressions and expressions, located in the former animal laboratory Mäusebunker in Berlin, Germany.

It aims not merely to host but more to interconnect its users, alike participants in a common game or orchestra, being looped in the eternal feedback of mutual consequences.

Bunker+ is a public space, a space for debate, searching for expression and therefore financially independent, cross-funded trough public and private donors.


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Contributor: Bunker+, Dr. Gunnar Klack and Felix Torkar
Title: Bunker Talks Session 2

Country: Germany/Switzerland
Media: Video

The second session of Bunker Talks, together with Dr. Gunnar Klack and Felix Torkar from Mäusebunker.de, Berlin.
You can start from zero, you can do it just the way you do it.


Contributor: Bunker+
Title: Subtractive architecture

Country: Switzerland
Media: Question

Removing facade panels is no structural intervention and therefore could be practiced relentlessly.
This fact is worrying the users of Bunker+.
The thought of a gradually decreasing level of cohabitation through climbing the building could be a powerful parameter. As the act of panel removal leads ultimately to a perforation of the skin of the building, it is linked to further decisions. Is it a cohabitation machine, or is it a constitution of a ruin?
The methodology could lie in a constitution of a specific condition, for example in maximizing the likelihood of cohabitation within the building.


Contributor: Bunker+
Title: Did you say communication?

Country: Switzerland
Media: Question

The question of communications and language between severals species is a main concern within our institute.
We are questionning the tools made available by the institute and others,
to allow a certain exchange bewteen human and non-human.
By doing so, every entity could start to negociate and may declare their opinion,
not only for coexisting but rather for cohabitating.