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Bunker+ ist ein organismisches Institut für Eindrücke und Ausdruck, situiert im ehemaligen Labor für Tierversuche Mäusebunker in Berlin, Deutschland.

Die Absicht des Instituts ist nicht bloss das blosse Beherbergen, sondern vielmehr das miteinander Verknüpfen der einzelnen AnwenderInnen. Ähnlich TeilnehmerInnen eines gemeinsamen Spiels, eines Orchesters, sich umeinander schlingend in ewiger Rückkopplung gegenseitiger Konsequenzen.

Bunker+ ist ein Ort der Öffentlichkeit, der Debatte und der Suche nach Ausdruck und dementsprechen finanziell unabhängig, getragen durch öffentliche und private SpenderInnen.


Bunker+ is an organismic institute of impressions and expressions, located in the former animal laboratory Mäusebunker in Berlin, Germany.

It aims not merely to host but more to interconnect its users, alike participants in a common game or orchestra, being looped in the eternal feedback of mutual consequences.

Bunker+ is a public space, a space for debate, searching for expression and therefore financially independent, cross-funded trough public and private donors.


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Contributor: Bunker+, Wouter Verstraete 
Title: Bunker Talks Session 1

Country: Belgium/Switzerland
Media: Video

The first ever session of Bunker Talks, together with Wouter Verstraete from Baukunst, Brussels.
The rough stuffs are sometimes the best.


︎︎︎Contributor: Pierre Musy
Title: Artificial Dephasing

Country: Switzerland
Media: Video

Light is a composition of waves and particules, in other word an electro-magnetic wave.
Not all forms of light is visible for a human perspective.
Light is a phenomenon allowing the regulation of non humans and humans, corollary related to the question of cycle, rhythm, time.
Light is essential.

Natural light was a phenomenon that allowed humans to survive. Artificial light is a technology that allows humans to control.
Controlling this artificial light brings experimentation…

This artificiality assumes an instauration of a new rhythm, controlling this space and time relation. What if this multi-species cohabitation is not made by experimentation, but rather by adapting and sharing common cycles, installing a decentralization of humans.

Taking a daylight rhythm as reference, to dictate a natural cycle to the whole building, allowing two different spaces to enter in a phasing mode.

Taking a artificial light as reference, avoiding any contacts between various spaces, thus creating two different worlds with their own rhythm and cycle, where non human and human are learning together where both are adapting to a new artificial cycle, establishing a new reference of time;
a new life.